Accelerate your ESG reporting design

Unlock the potential of effective sustainability performance management with our comprehensive collection of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Trees. This exclusive package is meticulously designed to address the complexities and nuances of ESG KPI design, a vital tool for today's forward-thinking organisations.

Overcoming ESG KPI Challenges:

ESG metrics are diverse and multifaceted, often lacking standardisation and grappling with the challenge of quantifying intangible aspects. Our ESG KPI Trees collection directly addresses these issues, providing a structured, visual framework that simplifies the complexity of ESG factors into actionable KPIs.

What’s Inside the Collection?

  • 11 ESG KPI Trees: Each tree focuses on a specific area of ESG, ensuring comprehensive coverage of sustainability topics.
  • 721 Potential KPIs: A vast array of KPIs offers unparalleled options, allowing organisations to tailor their ESG strategy to their unique context and objectives.
  • Visual Mapping: The KPI Trees visually represent the connection between each KPI and its impact on real-world outcomes, facilitating easier understanding and communication.
  • Strategic Alignment: By linking KPIs to top-level real-world outcomes, our collection ensures that your ESG initiatives directly contribute to your organisation’s overarching sustainability goals.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Sustainability Managers seeking to implement effective ESG strategies.
  • Corporate Executives aiming to integrate ESG factors into business operations.
  • ESG Analysts and Consultants requiring a robust tool for KPI selection and analysis.
  • Stakeholders interested in transparent and accountable sustainability reporting.

Key Advantages:

  • Customisability: Select and prioritise KPIs that resonate with your specific ESG goals.
  • Clarity and Simplicity: Transform complex ESG concepts into clear, actionable KPIs.
  • Standardisation: Align your ESG reporting with emerging global standards.
  • Strategic Impact: Ensure that your ESG efforts contribute meaningfully to both business and societal objectives.

Invest in our ESG KPI Trees collection today and accelerate your organisation’s approach to sustainability performance management. Embrace a tool that not only guides you through the intricacies of ESG KPI design but also aligns your actions with impactful real-world outcomes.

Included in your pack...

11 Expertly Designed ESG KPI Trees

The KPI Tree source diagrams PDF form, covering:

ESG KPI TreeNumber of KPIs

  • Governance and Ethics - 76 KPIs
  • Disclosure and Transparency - 50 KPIs
  • Workers Diversity and Inclusion - 121 KPIs
  • Workers Equity (compensation) - 81 KPIs
  • Customers - 56 KPIs
  • Suppliers and contractors - 81 KPIs
  • Community - 24 KPIs
  • Climate - 59 KPIs
  • Air Quality - 21 KPIs
  • Water - 62 KPIs
  • Land and Life - 90 KPIs

Want to see an example?
Download free sample Governance and Ethics KPI Tree

KPI Tree Cheat Sheet

A carefully designed one-page 'KPI Tree Cheat Sheet' summarising the ROKS KPI design system, the 'Big 6' strategic objectives approach, the key elements of KPI Tree design, link types and design tips.

Definition Template

A ROKS KPI Canvas definition templates (Excel template and printable A4 PDF)

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1. How do I purchase and download a template?

  • Simply select the template you need, add it to your cart, complete the purchase process, and you be taken to page with the download links for all the included downloads.

2. What payment methods are accepted?

  • We accept credit/debit cards and PayPal.

3. Can I preview a template before purchasing?

  • We offer a free example ESG KPI Tree sample here.

4. What format are the templates in?

  • Our KPI Trees are provided as Adobe PDF files.

5. Is there a limit to how many times I can download a template after purchasing it?

  • We encourage you to download your pack immediately after purchase, though there is no expiry on your access to the files.

6. Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

  • Because of the nature of these templates, we cannot offer refunds. We encourage you to review the free sample to see if this KPI Tree pack will be suitable for your needs.

7. Are there any additional costs or subscriptions required after purchase?

- No, there are no hidden fees or subscription requirements. The price listed is a one-time fee for the template, unless you accessed this pack as part of one our membership packages.

8. Can I request a custom KPI Trees to be made?

- Yes, we offer custom KPI Tree design services. Please contact us with your requirements for more information and pricing.

9. Where can I find out more about KPI Trees?

You can learn more about KPI Trees here, from the inventor of the method, Bernie Smith